The vision

AuroCreation is a unit under Auroville Universal Town founded in 1968 and is located near Puducherry. Presently about 2800 residents from about 40 countries live in this town with developing industrial, cultural and residential sectors.

Our goal is to produce construction products and projects with a commitment to the high standards of perfection befitting the aesthetic and spiritual ideas of Auroville.

AuroCreation therefore works to manifest a new consciousness in the field of building construction and aims to develop itself into a model organisation providing multi-disciplinary services and products necessary to construct a single building in a city sector. These service range from landscaping, brick making, mechanical fabrication, electrical, plumbing, carpentry works to painting.

We are making CSEB (Compressed & stabilised earth blocks) in substantial quantity and are stepping up production to large scale by introducing less labour intensive and more efficient hydraulic block making machine, pan mixture and soil crusher

A Paradigm shift in business processes

AuroCreation is not in the business of competition but collaboration and would like to bring in modern and innovative building tools and practices to build a versatile team. This team will be well trained and motivated to complete quality projects on time. Workers will be given a percentage of the income generated by projects of AuroCreation according to their quality of work, skill levels and commitments.