The vision

AuroCreation is a unit under Auroville Universal Town founded in 1968 and is located near Puducherry. Presently about 2800 residents from about 40 countries live in this town with developing industrial, cultural, residential and international sectors.
Our goal is to produce construction products and projects with a commitment to the high standards of perfection befitting the aesthetic and spiritual ideas of Auroville.
AuroCreation works to manifest a new consciousness in the field of building construction. It aims to develop itself into a model organization providing multi-disciplinary services and products necessary to construct a building. These services range from brick making, architectural services, metal fabrication, and carpentry works to painting.
We produce CSEB (Compressed & stabilized earth blocks) of various types to be used for construction in areas in and around Auroville. We also produce earth blocks on site (for far off areas) if the soil is found suitable for construction.
With our R&D area we made experimentation in the field and we conduct Natural Earth Building workshops for students, architects & interested individuals to further spread awareness about ecological building techniques.


About Us

Mohan J. worked under Ar. Stoff Werner for 8 years. He learnt the nuances of architecture and construction the hard way, working on site with a lot of emphasis on perfection.
Meanwhile the Auroville Earth Institute was developing the concept of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB). Being in the construction field in Auroville, Mohan was interested in learning about this and the ecological principles behind the development of this concept.
After working on a few projects, he realised the demand for this newly developed technology and understood how eco friendly, the concept is. Therefore he started this unit to share his experience about the benefits of Earth construction.
We have a team of workers, trained in various Auroville projects, with a collective experience of over 15 years. This makes our team an experienced one that is also young, energetic and enthusiastic to learn new and more efficient techniques of construction.

Our Location